Mar 052012

To celebrate the 66th birthday of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour tomorrow on 6th March, the Official David Gilmour website will be offering for 48 hours a free download of A Pocketful Of Stones. It was written by David Gilmour with lyrics by his wife Polly Samson. That will appear on his official website at 12am GMT 6th March 2024 for your official downloading pleasure!

The song is of course taken from his last and third solo album On An Island which was toured around several countries to much applause. Most notably, he performed to a massive audience in the Gdansk Shipyard in Poland which was recorded and released as a live concert on DVD. If you have not seen the DVD, then you should get yourself a copy (see Amazon UK and USA) as it is excellent. His rendition of What’s… Uh The Deal is possibly the best version I have heard. Wonderful.

So, a big happy 66th birthday to David Gilmour who was born 6th March 1946!

What Now?

Look at many David Gilmour photos.

Read David Gilmour full unabridged interview with Mark Blake from MOJO magazine.

Look at the making of the “wire man” from the cover of On An Island written by the artist David MacIlwaine

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So, there you have it. The news from David Gilmour Tours.

  • mike hubbard that

    Hope there many birthdays and albums guess I showed my age

  • Andreyson Jambersi

    Happy Birthday, have a good time David.

    Congratulations from Brazil!

  • Al Walls

    I love all of Mr. Gilmours work and find that I can’t get enough. I listen to all of it and have for the last 40 years. I realize that when he stops putting out new material that will be the end of an era I will miss greatly. I hate to think of that day coming , I know he has little need to create new material , much less go through the hassles that might be involved. Hats off to you Mr. Gilmour, you are truely one of the BEST !

  • john orlando

    just want to wish david a happy birthday. just turned 60 myself. so happy birthday and many more to come.

  • Neki

    Happy Birthday David Gilmour.

  • Axel Ritz

    I whish you all the best to your birthday !

    A life without Pink Floyd Music is possible, but much more empty :-)

    Greetings, Axel

  • Mehmet

    Dear Dave,

    6 years ago, I had to chance to celebrate your birthday with hundreds of people in Hamburg. I’d like to celebrate your birthday, wedding day, any other day, but this time in Istanbul please!

    Long live the King of Strat!

  • Cassidy

    A very happy and wondrous BIRTHDAY to a man of genuine talent and class!
    The music of Pink Floyd was a great revelation to me as a kid in the early 70ies, and now all these years later, my spirit truly rejoices to see how you have kept to the true Music Path. It is a true wonder to see that, when so many have fallen of failed.
    Your music saved my life as a young girl it did. I’m ever Grateful.
    Music is Love -- Wishing you the best always, in that realm that is your Home

    R e s p e c t & love -- Happy Birthday, David Gilmour!


  • Mike Campbell

    Happy Birthday, David….thanks for the decades of good music.

  • iztok rožman

    Happy birthday sir David Gilmore ,all the best and many of creative years.

  • Vincenzo Ricca

    All the Best, David….and thanx for the MUSIC

  • Ramiro

    Happy Birthday David! … thanks for all your music!

  • Etienne

    Happy Birthday Sir :)

  • Reelboy

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the music.

  • Carlos Durán

    Thanks for the song,
    Thanks for ALL your music,
    Thanks for all those years rocking and rocking
    Thanks for all.

  • Nick Kudijaroff

    Happy Birthday David! Thanks for embeleshing my life with your and Pink Floyd sounds.

  • Phred

    Thanks for this Keith -- the d/l quality options on Gilmour’s website are great, btw. Thanks, Dave Gilmour for 45+ years of sonic joy :)

  • Ryan Donnelly

    Happy birthday, wish you lots more. God bless

  • Bella Day

    Happy Birthday David!
    I’m only 15 but i’ve been a Pink Floyd fan for around 6 to 7 years now, and David has been SUCH an insparation to my music, happy 66th David! And thank you! x

  • Pau

    Please David, come back to the stages. You’ve the power to create happiness and good feelings, use it please!!!

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