Jul 242012

One of my favourite David Gilmour solo album songs is Out of the Blue. Although the whole About Face album from 1984 is rather dated in its production, there are still some great nuggets on the album in addition to David Gilmour’s other solo albums.

You can watch a video of David Gilmour’s Out of the Blye from David Gilmour’s About Face album below. Enjoy.

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  • Loredana

    Beautiful piece, like all his songs. David addition to being a talented guitarist has an extraordinary voice, a voice that makes me feel when I listen to so many emotions.

    Bellissimo pezzo, come tutte le sue canzoni. David oltre ad essere un bravissimo chitarrista ha una voce straordinaria, una voce che quando la ascolto mi fa provare tante emozioni.

  • al

    Sadly , this is one of way too few songs. Not enough material to carry us through our eternity.

  • Patrik

    I think this is nothing but sh***. Horrible..

  • neptunepinkfloy

    One of my favourite David Gilmour solo songs. Thoughts?

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